GRAPHITE Kangaroo Skin To SKin Bonding Care T-shirt for Dad


Skin to skin contact with dads is crucial especially when mums can’t hold their baby. They recover after caesarian birth (anaesthetic still working + healing wound) or for pre-term and low-birth-weight infants . Don’t be afraid to trust your partners. Our t-shirt would be a great gift for dads who want to offer their babies a little bit of extra help and hugs.


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We all love cuddling with our newborns but when we mention skin to skin contact there are always mums involved. However, we can’t forget fathers can provide as much closeness, connection and bonding as mothers. Our T-shirt was designed to help fathers to benefit from its magical time as well. It looks like a standard T-shirt, but the front buttons open and close so dad can place its baby on his chest and offer his warmth and cuddles.

Why is skin to skin contact so beneficial?


✔HOLDS PROPER TEMPERATURE – dad’s skin is the same temperature as mom’s womb so baby finds it easier to adapt to her post-birth environment

✔REDUCES STRESS AND PAIN – 15 min skin to skin contact is enough to calm the baby and stop crying. It boosts oxytocin level ( cuddle hormone ) and reduces cortisol level ( stress hormone).

✔SOOTHES A COLICKY BABY – by reduced stress, colicky baby tends to stop crying and calming down quicker.

✔BETTER SLEEP TIME – cuddled baby is less stressed so sleeps longer and deeper

✔HELPS GROWTH AND WEIGHT GAIN – the extra sleep the baby gets snuggling with dad helps to conserve the extra energy and turn it into extra growth and weight gain.

✔STABILIZES BREATHING AND HEART RATE – being positioned on dad’s chest helps to stabilize respiratory rates and oxygen saturation rates esp. with babies who suffered from respiratory distress.

✔ENCOURAGES BRAIN DEVELOPMENT – by improved sleep, stabilized heart

rate and improved sleep, the brain is better able to develop


As you can see, skin to skin experience can’t be underestimated:)

FABRIC: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane, 190g

The fabric is fully certified with ISO 9001-2001. Fabric colouring dyes used for this fabric are safe for you and your baby. They do not contain any toxic substances. It’s a certified cotton Oekotex-Standard 100.

Buttons are hypoallergenic – made of a completely safe material for both baby and its parent.



The model is 5″9′ / 180cm and weighs 189lbs / 86kg and is wearing size L in the picture.

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